Video: eeminders tames and unclutters Outlook Inbox

By: standss , Aug 26th, 2013

We were planning to release the video this week however we received so many requests from readers wanting to see just how eeminders for Outlook works so…  we decided to release it last week Friday.

If you have not seen the video yet… you can see the video now by going to:

eeminders – Getting Things Done from Your Outlook Inbox
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This video shows you how to:

  • Unclutter your Inbox from emails that you don’t need to work on
  • Show emails that need your attention at the TOP of your Inbox
  • Get reminded in your Inbox to follow-up on emails (where you need a response)

(Please ignore the last 5 seconds of the video where we request for people to subscribe, If you are already on our mailing list)

If you prefer to read, you can see the same information in a PDF report at:

How to make it (and you) work better!

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Sanjay Singh

PS: After seeing the video, tell us what you think or if you have any questions. Send us your comments or questions to

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