How to view all emails for a Project/Case/Matter

By: standss , Aug 14th, 2018

QuickFile For Outlook (Ultimate Edition) lets you tag emails with the name of the project (or case/matter if you’re a lawyer). The original intention for this was to help with the filing of printed copies of the email. The printed copy would have the name of the project on it thereby reducing (eliminating) mistakes while filing the printed copy away.

QuickFile is an Outlook add-on to help customers file, find and manage emails (without changing the way they work).

A customer recently asked me if there was an easy way to view all emails for a particular Project (where emails have been tagged with QuickFile Ultimate). Here’s what you need to do:

Go to the Search Box in Outlook and type [Project]:ProjectName. For Example, if my project name is “Project001”, I will type type [Project]:Project001 as shown below (the square brackets and colon are important).

Find Custom Property in Outlook

Outlook will automatically search the current folder for all matching emails.

You can also use the drop-down on the right hand side of the Search Box to expand your search to the Current Mailbox (In my testing it did not work if you selected All MailBoxes).

I hope this tip helps you get more out of QuickFile.

You can download a fully function trial version of this email filing and management solution for Outlook from our website.


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