Warn Users Before Sending out Credit Card info in Emails

By: Standss Contributor , Mar 1st, 2021

Do you need to block (or at least warn users) when credit card information is being sent out via email?

This post explains how you can use SendGuard for Outlook to display a prompt and get confirmation (or block) emails with credit card information.

(The same process can also be used to detect and warn/block for other types of personal data such as Social Security Numbers etc.).

  1. First download and install the latest version of SendGuard by clicking here.
  2. Open the SendGuard settings screen
  3. Go to the SendRules tab
  4. Click the Add Button
  5. Type a new rule name
  1. On the IF tab check “If email has Sensitive info” and “Credit Card”
  • Go to the Then tab and select the necessary actions you want to take when the rule condition is true. In this example, we have setup SendGuard to display a prompt with only an OK button. The sending of the emails will actually be blocked until the credit card information is removed from the email.


Alternatively, you could configure SendGuard to display a prompt with Yes/No buttons warning the user and then allowing him/her to choose if the email should be sent out.

  • Once done, select Ok on the My Rules form and then select Ok on the SendGuard Settings screen to save the changes.

Now when users send out emails, SendGuard will scan it for credit card numbers and display the following prompt automatically if needed.

You can configure similar rules for other types of personal/confidential/sensitive information as well.

SendGuard is used by organizations of all sizes from single users to 20,000 users in one organization. Our team can provide full support for enterprise deployment and centralized management.

Learn more about Send Guard for Outlook or click below to learn more about the full SendGuard for Outlook email DLP bundle.


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