What emails did I work on today (and where did I file them)?

By: standss , Aug 7th, 2019

We had a strange request from one of our QuickFile for Outlook users that resulted in us bringing back the Filing History screen that we had removed from earlier versions. In this post I explain why users need to know the filing history (to bill clients!) and how you can see it using QuickFile.

Before I start and in case you’re new to QuickFile:
QuickFile for Outlook makes it easy to organize your sent and received emails into client/project/case/matter folders inside Outlook.

What was the user request?

Can you please provide some way for me to see what emails I have filed during my work day? I need this to fill in time-sheets and to bill my clients.

I had assumed that the main reason for wanting to see the filing history was to see where emails were filed. Turns out I was wrong!

Most QuickFile users are professional who bill for their time. They also spend a lot of time working on emails and the filing history gives them a quick record of what they worked on during the day.

It provides a record of how they spent a good portion of their working day …and billable time.

How to view your Filing History?

Click the History button on the QuickFile section of the Ribbon (it is on the Home tab). The Filing History screen will be displayed.

Filing History Screen

You can make the fields larger by dragging the columns.

You can also see details of any individual item by clicking on it and then clicking the Show Details button.

You can even go directly to a filed item or to the folder it is filed in by right-clicking on the email (in the list) and then clicking Open Item or Goto Folder.

Finally (and maybe most useful), the screen also has a Search bar that you can use to quickly find any particular email.

Users are finding Filing History Screen very useful

Response from users has been very positive. It appears that many users wanted this feature. We hope that you find it useful too.

If you haven’t tried QuickFile, download a fully functional trial using the link below and find out why it is the Number 1 email management tool for professionals (lawyers, engineers, architects, software developers etc).


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