What is the Trigger Encryption Feature and How to Use it

By: standss , Nov 29th, 2019

In our latest version of SendGuard, we have added some new features. One of them being Trigger Encryption. This feature ensures that before the email is sent out, you will be asked as to whether you want the email encrypted or not.

How is Encryption done?
Sendguard doesn’t actually encrypt the email(s), but simply “marks” it with a special text (either by adding it to the subject or in the x-header) for encryption depending on how your server based encryption software works.

So why bother with SendGuard Encryption at all?
Most Encryption software puts a checkbox on the Outlook ribbon for users to tick if they want encryption. This is easy to miss or ignore. SendGuard can put a checkbox on the SendConfirm screen as shown below.

Encryption Prompt

How to Configure Trigger Encryption?
If you wish to enable Trigger Encryption, here’s how to do it:
Open Outlook and Goto Standss Outlook Addins.
Click the SendGuard Icon in the Ribbon and select Settings.
*In the Send Confirm Tab, at the bottom you will find “Encrypt Options”.
Click on the Encrypt Options drop down and select the option that you prefer.

SendConfirm Settings

And in just a few clicks you have enabled Trigger Encryption.

We hope that the information given has helped you better understand how Sendguard Encryption works.

If you are still unsure of how trigger encryption works, click here to go to our user guide.

If you’re not a user of SendGuard yet, click here to download a Fully Functional 30 day trial version of SendGuard for Outlook.

Sendguard detects and warns users of potential risks before emails are sent out which in turn protect your company from the risk of confidential information being emailed to the wrong people.

SendGuard for Outlook

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