Which Outlook folders are syncing over to NetDocuments?

By: standss , Oct 17th, 2017

Many NetDocuments users are now using MailSync to copy their emails from Outlook to NetDocuments using drag and drop. MailSync maps Outlook folders to NetDocuments so that any emails moved into mapped Outlook folders are automatically copied over to the correct place in NetDocuments.

Find out how Outlook users are able to copy emails to NetDocuments using drag and drop

Based on user feedback, we added several features to MailSync so that users can know easily if they are saving emails to an Outlook folder that is synced over to NetDocuments.

Outlook displays a list of folders to on the left hand side of the Outlook window. How those folders are displayed depends on what view you choose.

(nd) in the Email View


In the Email View (which is the default for emails), you see a list of folder names. There is no folder image displayed beside the names.

In this view, we have added (nd) to end of folders that are mapped to NetDocuments.

This feature can be turned off if required (or you can use your own choice of characters to add instead of nd).

Blue and Red folders in the Folder View

If you change to folder view, the mapped folders are even easier to see.

The mapped folders have either Red or Blue folders displayed instead of the normal yellow Outlook folders.

Blue folders indicate that the emails will be copied over so that all users (with permission) can see them in Outlook while Red folders indicate that you have chosen to sync emails over privately (so that only you can see them in NetDocuments.


This feature was not in our originally specifications for MailSync. However after one of our initial deployments (to 650 users), users told us they needed to quickly know if they were using folders that were mapped already.

In our 15+ experience serving Outlook users in firms of all sizes we have learnt that users know best!

We trust that you fill find this feature useful too (and if your own suggestions, please contact us at support@blog.standss.com).

If your firm is using NetDocuments and you need an easy way to get emails from Outlook to NetDocuments, download a trial of MailSync for NetDocuments and Outlook today.

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