Why does the Financial Sector need to be Compliant with Emails?

By: Standss Contributor , Dec 7th, 2021

The financial sector is possibly one of the most heavily regulated even when compared to the legal, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals industries, It is subject to industry-specific regulations as well as regional laws like the CCPA, FINRA and GDPR. Protecting company and customer information puts a lot of strain on the system.

SendGuard’s key premise is to ensure that your users do not make the mistake of sending out confidential emails to the wrong recipients as well ensuring that your organization remains compliant with the necessary regulations.

Outlook’s auto-fill feature makes it all too simple for users to enter the wrong email address, especially when in a rush. This then in turn could cause mistakes which could have disastrous effects.

The SendGuard add-in prompts users with several informative displays e.g. review recipients, review attachments etc. (see image below):

With the option to prompt users to confirm recipients and attachments before they send out emails, SendGuard gives an added layer of protection to both user and organization. Users have will still have the ability to remove any unwanted recipients or attachments.

A key feature in SendGuard is its easy to use and configurable DLP (Data Loss Prevention) feature.

The DLP feature allows users to get notifications/prompts before they send out emails with sensitive information that could impact compliance e.g. Credit Card details, Social Security Numbers etc.

The built in DLP feature helps solve this issue and can scan the email searching for credit card numbers and other potentially sensitive data so that the user can be prompted for confirmation before any emails are sent out.

You can set the sensitivity for different types of data so that certain emails can also be blocked,

SendGuard is already used by many large financial organizations around the world to abide by the main industry specific and global risk and compliance regulations that financial firms now have to follow.

If you are interested in trying out SendGuard DLP please contact us at sales@standss.com for a demo and/or on-site trial.

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