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By: standss , Oct 14th, 2011

Several readers recently asked about keyboard shortcuts in Outlook. Truth is I don’t use very many keyboard shortcuts myself… you save a second or two each time but they really don’t add up to much in the grand scheme of things. Here’s a big list of Outlook shortcuts… with the ones I think are useful highlighted in red.

E-mail Shortcuts
Ctrl-Shift-I Go to Inbox
Ctrl-Shift-O Go to Outbox
Alt-S or Ctrl-Enter Send
Ctrl-P Print
Ctrl-R Reply to a message
Ctrl-Shift-R Reply all to a message
Ctrl-F Forward a message
Ctrl-Alt-F Forward as attachment
Ctrl-Alt-J Mark a message as not junk
Ctrl-Shift-I Display blocked external content (in a message)
Ctrl-Shift-S Post to a folder
Ctrl-Shift-N Apply normal style
Ctrl-M or F9 Check for new messages
Ctrl-N Create a new message (when in Mail)
Ctrl-Shift-M Create a new message (from any Outlook view)
Ctrl-O Open a message
Ctrl-Shift-G Display the Flag for Follow-up dialog box
Ctrl-Q Mark a message as read
Ctrl-U Mark a message as unread
F4 Find or replace in a open message
Shift-F4 Find next in an open message
Alt-Enter Show the properties for the selected item
Ctrl-B Display Send/Receive progress
Creating Items
Ctrl-Shift-A Create a Appointment
Ctrl-Shift-C Create a Contact
Ctrl-Shift-L Create a distribution list
Ctrl-Shift-X Create a fax
Ctrl-Shift-F Create a folder
Ctrl-Shift-J Create a Journal entry
Ctrl-Shift-Q Create a meeting request
Ctrl-Shift-M Create an e-mail message
Ctrl-Shift-N Create a note
Ctrl-Shift-H Create a new Microsoft office document
Ctrl-Shift-S Post to this folder
Ctrl-T Post a reply in this folder
Ctrl-Shift-P Create a search folder
Ctrl-Shift-K Create a Task
General shortcuts
Ctrl-1 Go to mail
Ctrl-2 Go to Calendar
Ctrl-3 Go to Contacts
Ctrl-4 Go to Task
Ctrl-5 Go to notes
Ctrl-6 Go to the folder list in the Navigation Pane
Ctrl-7 Go to shortcuts
Ctrl-.(period) Go to the next message (when you have a message open
Ctrl-,(comma) Go to the previous message (when you have a message open
F6 or Ctrl-Shift-Tab Move between the Navigation Pane, the main Outlook window, the Reading Pane and the To-Do Bar
Tab Move between the main Outlook window, the smaller panes in the Navigation Pane, the Reading Pane and the sections in the To-Do Bar
Arrow Keys Move around within the Navigation Pane
Ctrl-Y Go to a different folder
F3 or Ctrl-E Go to the Search box
Alt-Up arrow or Ctrl-,(comma) or Alt-Page Up In the Reading Pane, Go to the previous message
Alt-Down arrow or Ctrl-.(period) or Alt-Page Down In the Reading Pane, Go to the next message
Left arrow or Right arrow Collapse or expand a folder in the Navigation Pane
Alt-B, Alt-Left arrow Go back to the previous view in main Outlook window
Alt-Right arrow Go forward to the next view in main Outlook window
Ctrl-Shift-W Select the infobar and, if available, show the menu of commands.

Don’t forget to let me know your favourite shortcut by leaving a comment.

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